The Union Forces In The Campaign Of The Carolinas - 47th NY Voulnteer Infantry

47th New York Volunteer Infantry Banner
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The Union Forces In The Campaign Of The Carolinas
The Union Army Major General William T. Sherman
Headquarters' Guard
7th Co. Ohio Sharpshooters Lieut. James Cox
Engineers and Mechanics
1st Mich. Major John B. Yates
1st Mo. (5 co's) Lieut. Col. William Tweedale
Right Wing (Army of the Tennessee) Major General Oliver O. Howard
    15th Ill. Cavalry Captain William Duncan
  4th Co. Ohio Cavalry Captain John L. King
Fifteenth Army Corps Major General John A. Logan
      First Brigade  Colonel William B. Woods
    12th Ind.     Colonel Reuben Williams
    26th Iowa    Major John Lubbers
    27th Mo.      Colonel Thomas Curly
    31st Mo.      Lieut. Colonel Abraham J. Seay
    32nd Mo.     (6 co's) Lieut. Colonel Abraham J. Seay
    76th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Edward Briggs
                      Brig. General Charles C. Walcutt
                   Colonel Robert F. Catterson
    26th Ill.     Lieut. Colonel Ira J. Bloomfield
    40th Ill.     Lieut. Colonel Hiram W. Hall
   103rd Ill.    Lieut. Colonel Goerge W. Wright
    97th Ind.   Captain George Elliott
                           Lieut. Colonel Aden G. Cavins
   100th Ind.   Major Ruel M. Johnson
                            Captain John W. Headington
    6th Iowa      Lieut. Colonel William H. Clune
    46th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Edward N. Upton
       4th Iowa      Lieut. Colonel Samuel D. Nichols
                      Captain Randolph Sry
                                 Major Albert R. Anderson
    9th Iowa      Major Alonzo Abernethy
    25th Iowa     Lieut. Colonel David J. Palmer
    30th Iowa     Lieut. Colonel David J. Palmer
    30th Iowa     Lieut. Colonel Aurelius Roberts
    31st Iowa     Lieut. Colonel Jeremiah W. Jenkins

First Brigade  Colonel Theodore Jones
    55th Ill.     Captain Charles A. Andress
    116th Ill.    Lieut. Colonel John E. Maddux
                  Captain Necolas Geschwind
    127th Ill.    Captain Charles Schryver
                  Lieut. Colonel Frank S. Curtiss
    6th Mo.(A and B 8th Mo. attached) Lieut. Colonel Delos Van Deusen
    30th Ohio     Lieut. Colonel Emerson P. Brooks
    57th Ohio     Captain John A. Smith
                  Lieut. Colonel Samuel R. Mott
    Second Brigade Colonel Wells S. Jones
     111th Ill.   Lieut. Colonel Joseph F. Black
                  Colonel James S. Martin
     83rd Ind.    Captain Charles W. White
                  Captain William N. Craw
     37th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Louis von Blessingh
     47th Ohio    Colonel Augustus C. Parry
     53rd Ohio    Captain Robert Curren
                  Major Preston R. Galloway
     54th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Israel T. Moore
    Third Brigade Brig. General John M. Oliver
     48th Ill.    Lieut. Colonel Thomas L.B. Weems
     90th Ill.    Lieut. Colonel Owen Stuart
     99th Ind.    Captain Josiah Farrar
     15th Mich.   Lieut. Colonel Frederick S. Hutchinson
     70th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Henry L. Philips
     First Brigade Brig. General William T. Clark
     63rd Ill.    Colonel Joseph B. McCown
                  Captain Joseph R. Stanford
     93rd Ill.    Lieut. Colonel Nicholas C. Buswell
     48th Ind.    Captain Newton Bingham
     59th Ind.    Lieut. Colonel Jefferson K. Scott
                  Major Thomas A. McNaught
     4th Minn.    Colonel John E. Tourtellotte
                  Captain Leverett R. Wellman
     18th Wis.    Major James P. Millard
    Second Brigade Colonel Clark R. Wever
                  Colonel John E. Tourtellotte
     56th Ill.    Lieut. Colonel John P. Hall
     10th Iowa    Captain William H. Silsby
     17th Iowa (1 co.) Captain William Horner
     26th Mo. (2 co's and detachment 10th Mo.) Lieut. Theron M. Rice
     80th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Pren Metham
                  Major Thomas C. Morris
       First Brigade Brig. General Elliott W. Rice
     52nd Ill.    Lieut. Colonel Jerome D. Davis
     66th Ind.    Lieut. Colonel Roger Martin
     2nd Iowa     Colonel Noel B. Howard
     7th Iowa     Lieut. Colonel James C. Parrott
    Second Brigade Colonel Robert N. Adams
     12th Ill.    Lieut. Colonel Henry Van Sellar
     66th Ill.    Captain William S. Boyd
                  Lieut. Colonel Andrew K. Campbell
     81st Ohio    Major William C. Henry
    Third Brigade Colonel Frederick J. Hurlbut
     7th Ill.     Lieut. Colonel Hector Perrin
     50th Ill.    Lieut. Colonel William Hanna
     57th Ill.    Major Frederick A. Battey
     39th Iowa    Captain Isaac D. Marsh
                  Lieut. Colonel Joseph M. Griffith
     110th U.S.C.T. Major William C. Hawley
                  Captain Thomas Kennedy
                  Captain Zachary C. Wilson
                  Captain Jacob Kemnitzer
    Artillery Lieut. Colonel William H. Ross
     H 1st Ill.   Captain Francis DeGress
                  Lieut. Robert S. Gray
     B 1st Mich.  Lieut. Edward B. Wright
     H 1st Mo.    Captain Charles M. Callahan
     12th Wis.    Captain William Zickerick.
          29TH Mo. (mounted) Major Christian Burkhardt
                  Colonel Joseph S. Gage.
 Seventeenth Army Corps Major General Frank P. Blair Jr.
  Escort G 11th Ill. Cav. Captain Stephen S. Tripp.
                    Brig. General Manning F. Force.
    First Brigade Colonel Charles S. Sheldon
                  Brig. General John W. Fuller
     64th Ill.    Major Joseph S. Reynolds
     18th Mo.     Lieut. Colonel William H. Minter
                  Colonel Charles S. Sheldon
                  Lieut. Colonel William H. Minter
                  Major William M. Edgar
     27th Ohio    Major Isaac N. Gilruth
     39th Ohio    Captain John W. Orr
                  Lieut. Colonel Daniel Weber
    Second Brigade Brig. General John W. Sprague
                  Colonel Milton Montgomery
                  Brig. General John W. Sprague
     35th N.J.    Colonel John J. Cladek
     43rd Ohio    Colonel Wager Swayne
                  Major Horace Park
     63rd Ohio    Major John W. Fouts
                  Captain Otis W. Pollock
                  Major Oscar L. Jackson
     25th Wis.    Lieut. Colonel Jeremiah M. Rusk
                  Colonel Milton Montgomery
                  Lieut. Colonel J. M. Rusk
    Third Brigade Colonel John Tillson
                  Colonel Charles H. DeGroat
                  Lieut. Colonel James S. Wright
                  Colonel John Tillson
     10th Ill.    Lieut. Colonel M.F. Wood
                  Captain David Gillespie
     25th Ind.    Lieut. Colonel James S. Wright
                  Major William H. Crenshaw
                  Lieut. Colonel J.S. Wright
     32nd Wis.    Colonel Charles H. DeGroat
                  Lieut. Colonel Joseph H. Carleton
                  Major William H. Burrows
                      Brig. General Manning F. Force
                  Brig. General Mortimer D. Leggett
    First Brigade Brig. General Manning F. Force
                  Colonel Cassius Fairchild
                  Brig. General Manning F. Force
                  Brig. General Charles Ewing
     20th Ill. (provost-guard of division to April 3rd) Captain Henry King
     30th Ill.    Lieut. Colonel William C. Rhodes
                  Captain John P. Davis
     31st Ill.    Lieut. Colonel Robert N. Pearson
     45th Ill.    Major John O. Duer
     12th Wis.    Colonel James K. Proudfit
     16th Wis.    Captain Joseph Craig
                  Colonel Cassius Fairchild
                  Captain Joseph Craig
                  Colonel Cassius Fairchild
    Second Brigade Colonel Greenberry F. Wiles
                  Brig. General Robert K. Scott
     20th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Harrison Wilson
     68th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel George E. Welles
     78th Ohio    Captain Israel C. Robinson
                  Colonel G.F. Wiles
                  Lieut. Colonel Gilbert D. Munson
     17th Wis.    Major Patrick H. McCauley
                  Lieut. Colonel Donald D. Scott
                  Colonel Adam G. Malloy
        First Brigade Brig. General Benjamin F. Potts
     14th Ill.    Captain Alonzo J. Gillespie
     15th Ill. (1) Captain Alonzo J. Gillespie
                  Colonel George C. Rogers
     53rd Ill.    Colonel John W. McClanahan
     23rd Ind.    Lieut. Colonel George S. Babbitt
                  Captain John W. Hammound
     53rd Ind.    Major Henry Duncan
                  Colonel Warner L. Vestal
     32nd Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Jefferson J. Hibbets
    Third Brigade Brig. General William W. Belknap
     32nd Ill.    Captain John J. Rider
     11th Iowa    Lieut. Colonel Benjamin Beach
     13th Iowa    Lieut. Colonel Justin C. Kennedy
     15th Iowa    Major George Pomutz
     16th Iowa    Captain Jesse H. Lucas
                  Captain John F. Conyngham
                  Major J. Henry Smith
    Artillery     Major Allen C. Waterhouse
                  Major Frederick Welker
    C 1st Mich.   Lieut. William W. Hyzer
    1st Minn.     Captain William Z. Clayton
    15th Ohio     Lieut. Lyman Bailey
                  Captain James Burdick
     9th Ill. (mounted) Lieut. Colonel Samuel T. Hughes
    Pontoniers  58th Ind. Major William A. Downey
  Fourteenth Army Corps Brig. General Jefferson C. Davis
   First Division Brig. General William P. Carlin
                  Colonel George P. Buell
                  Brig. General Charles C. Walcutt
    First Brigade Colonel Harrison C. Hobart
     104th Ill.   Major John H. Widmer
     42nd Ind.    Major gideon r. Kellams
     88th Ind.    Lieut. Colonel Cyrus E. Briant
                  Captain William N. Voris
                  Major Lewis J. Blair
     33rd Ohio    Captain Joseph Hinson
     94th Ohio    Major William H. Snider
     21st Wis.    Lieut. Colonel Michael H. Fitch
                  Major Charles H. Walker
                  Lieut. Colonel Michael H. Fitch
    Second Brigade Colonel George P. Buell
                  Lieut. Colonel Michael H. Fitch
                  Colonel George P. Buell
     13th Mich.   Colonel Joshua B. Culver
                  Major Willard G. Eaton
                  Captain Silas A. Yerkes
     21st Mich.   Captain Arthur C. Prince
                  Lieut. Colonel Loomis K. Bishop
     69th Ohio    Captain Jacob J. Parick
                  Lieut. Samuel P. Murray
                  Lieut. Colonel Joseph H. Brigham
    Third Brigade Lieut. Colonel David Miles
                  Lieut. Colonel Arnold McMahan
                  Colonel Henry A. Hambright
     38th Ind.    Captain James H. Low
                  Captain David H. Patton
     21st Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Arnold McMahan
                  Captain Samuel F. Cheney
                  Lieut. Colonel Arnold McMahan
     74th Ohio    Major Robert P. Findley
     79th Pa.     Major Michael H. Locker
                  Captain John S. McBride
   Second Division Brig. General James D. Morgan
    Provost Guard  B 110th Ill. Captain William R. Hester
    First Brigade Brig. General william Vandever
     16th Ill.    Captain Eben White
                  Captain Herman Lund
     60th Ill.    Lieut. Colonel George W. Evans
                  Major James H. McDonald
     10th Mich.   Colonel Charles M. Lum
                  Captain William H. Dunphy
     14th Mich.   Lieut. Colonel George W. Grummond
     17th N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel James Lake
                  Major Alexander S. Marshall
   Second Brigade Lieut. Colonel John S. Pearce
                  Brig. General John G. Mitchell
     34th Ill.    Captain Peter F. Walker
                  Lieut. Colonel Peter Ege
     78th Ill.    Lieut. Colonel Maris R. Vernon
     98th Ohio    Captain James R. McLaughlin
                  Lieut. Colonel John S. Pearce
                  Major David E. Roatch
     108th Ohio   Major Frederick Beck
                  Lieut. Colonel Joseph Good
     113th Ohio   Captain Toland Jones
                  Captain Otway Watson
     121st Ohio   Major Aaron B. Robinson
    Third Brigade Colonel Benjamin D. Fearing
                  Lieut. Colonel James W. Langley
     85th Ill.    Captain James R. Griffith
     86th Ill.    Lieut. Colonel Allen L. Fahnestock
     110th Ill. (A 24th Ill. attached) Lieut. Colonel E. Hibbard Topping
     125th Ill.   Lieut. Colonel James W. Langley
                  Captain George W. Cook
     22nd Ind.    Captain William H. Snodgrass
     37th Ind. (1 co.) Lieut. Socrates Carver
     52nd Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Charles W. Clancy
                  Major James T. Holmes
   Third Division Brig. General Absalom Baird
    First Brigade Colonel Morton C. Hunter
     82nd Ind.    Lieut. Colonel John M. Matheny
     23rd Mo. (4 co's) Major John H. Jolly
     11th Ohio (detachment) Captain Francis H. Loring
     17th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Benjamin H. Showers
     31st Ohio    Captain Michael Stone
                  Captain Eli Wilkin
     89th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel William H. Glenn
     92nd Ohio    Lieut. Colonel John C. Morrow.
    Second Brigade Lieut. Colonel Thomas Doan
                  Brig. General Newell Gleason
     75th Ind.    Major Cyrus J. McCole
                  Lieut. Colonel William O'Brien
      87th Ind.   Major Richard C. Sabin
                  Lieut. Colonel Edwin P. Hammond
      101st Ind.  Major George W. Steele
                  Lieut. Colonel Thomas Doan
     2nd Minn.    Lieut. Colonel Judson W. Bishop
     105th Ohio   Lieut. Colonel George T. Perkins
    Third Brigade Colonel George P. Este
                  Lieut. Colonel Hubbard K. Milward
                  Brig. General George S. Greene
     74th Ind.    Lieut. Colonel Thomas Morgan
     18th Ky.     Lieut. Colonel Hubbard K. Milward
                  Major John J. Hall Lieut.
                  Colonel H.K. Milward
     14th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Albert Moore
     38th Ohio    Captain Charles M. Gilbert
    Artillery     Major Charles Houghtaling
     C 1st Ill.   Lieut. Joseph R. Channel
                  Lieut. Palmer F. Scovel
     I 2nd Ill.   Lieut. Judson Rich
     19th Ind.    Lieut. Samuel D. Webb
                  Lieut. Clinton Keeler
     5th Wis.     Captain John McKnight
                  Lieut. Elijah Booth Jr

  Twentieth Army Corps Brig. General Alpheus S. Williams       
           Major General Joseph A. Mower    
Division Brig. General Nathaniel J. Jackson                 
 Brig. General Alpheus S. Williams    
First Brigade Colonel James L. Selfridge     
5th Conn.    Lieut. Colonel Henry W. Daboll      
123rd N.Y.   Colonel James C. Rogers      
141st N.Y.   Captain William Merrell                  
      Lieut. Colonel Andrew J. McNett     
46th Pa.     Major Patrick Griffith     
Second Brigade Colonel William Hawley     
2nd Mass.     Lieut. Colonel Charles F. Morse                  
Captain Robert B. Brown                   
Captain Edward A. Phalen      
13th N.J.    Major Frederick H. Harris                   
Captain John H. Arey      
107th N.Y.   Colonel Nirom M. Crane      
150th N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Alfred B. Smith      
3rd Wis.     Lieut. Colonel George W. Stevenson     
Third Brigade Brig. General James S. Robinson      
82nd Ill.    Major Ferdinand H. Rolshausen                  
Lieut. Colonel Edward S. Salomon      
101st Ill.   Lieut. Colonel John B. Le Sage      
143rd N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Hezekiah Watkins                   
Captain Edward H. Pinny                   
Colonel Horace Boughton      
61st Ohio    Captain John Garrett      
82nd Ohio    Lieut. Colonel David Thomson                   
Major James S. Crall      
31st Wis.    Colonel Francis H. West    
Second Division Brig. General John W. Geary    
First Brigade Colonel Ario Pardee Jr.                   
Colonel George W. Mindil       
5th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Robert Kirkup       
29th Ohio   Lieut. Colonel Jonas Schoonover      
66th Ohio   Lieut. Colonel Eugene Powell                   
Captain Theodoric G. Keller      
28th Pa.     Colonel John Flynn                  
Lieut. Colonel James Fitzpatrick      
147th Pa.    Lieut. Colonel John  Craig     
Second Brigade Colonel George W. Mindil                   
Colonel Patrick H. Jones      
33rd N.J.    Lieut. Colonel Enos Fourat                   
Colonel George W. Mindil                   
Major Nathaniel K. Bray      
119th N.Y.   Colonel John T. Lockman      
134th N.Y.   Captain Perry E. McMaster                  
Lieut. Colonel Allan H. Jackson      
154th N.Y.   Colonel Patrick H. Jones                   
Lieut. Colonel Lewis D. Warner      
73rd Pa.     Captain Samuel D. Miller                   
Major Christian H. Goebel      
109th Pa.    Captain William Geary     
Third Brigade Colonel Henry A. Barnum      
60th N.Y.    Captain Abner B.Shipman                  
Lieut. Colonel Lester S. Willson      
102nd N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Harvey S. Chatfield                   
Major Oscar J. Spaulding      
137th N.Y.   Major Milo B. Eldridge                  
Lieut. Colonel Koert S. Van Voorhis      
149th N.Y.   Captain Henry N. Burhans                   
Lieut. Colonel Nicholas Grumbach      
29th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel George E. Johnson                   
Colonel Samuel M. Zulich      
111th Pa.    Captain William J. Alexander                   
Colonel Thomas M. Walker    
Third Division Brig. General William T. Ward     
First Brigade Colonel Henry Case                   
Colonel Benjamin Harrison      
102nd Ill.   Major Hiland H. Clay                   
Colonel Franklin C. Smith      
105th Ill.   Lieut. Colonel Everell F. Dutton      
129th Ill.   Lieut. Colonel Thomas H. Flynn                   
Colonel Henry Case      
70th Ind.    Major Zachariah S. Ragan                  
Lieut. Colonel Samuel Merrill      
79th Ohio     Lieut. Colonel Azariah W. Doan.     
Second Brigade Colonel Daniel Dustin      
33rd Ind.    Lieut. Colonel James E. Burton      
85th Ind.    Lieut. Colonel Alexander B. Crane      
19th Mich.   Major David Anderson      
22nd Wis.    Captain Darwin R. May                   
Captain George H. Brown                   
Lieut. Colonel Edward Bloodgood     
Third Brigade Colonel William Cogswell      
20th Conn.   Lieut. Colonel Philo B. Buckingham      
33rd Mass.   Lieut. Colonel Elisha Doane      
136th N.Y.   Major Henry L. Arnold                   
Captain George H. Eldridge                   
Colonel James Wood Jr.      
55th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Edwin H. Powers                   
Major Charles P. Wickham      
73rd Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Samuel H. Hurst                   
Major Thomas W. Higgins      
26th Wis.    Lieut. Colonel Frederick C. Winkler                   
Major Francis Lackner     
Artillery     Major John A. Reynolds                  
Captain Charles E. Winegar      
I-1st N.Y.   Captain Charles E. Winegar                 
 Lieut. Warren L. Scott      
M 1st N.Y.   Lieut. Edward P. Newkirk      
C 1st Ohio   Lieut. Jerome B. Stephens      
Captain Thomas S. Sloan   
Third Division Brig. General Judson Kilpatrick     
First Brigade Colonel thomas J. Jordan      
3rd Ind. (1) Captain Charles U. Patton      
8th Ind.     Lieut. Colonel Fielder A. Jones      
2nd Ky.      Major Owen Star      
3rd Ky.      Lieut. Colonel Robert H. King      
9th Pa.      Lieut. Colonel David H. Kimmel     
Second Brigade Colonel Smith D. Atkins      
92nd Ill. (2) Lieut. Colonel Mathew Van Buskirk      
9th Mich.     Colonel George S. Acker      
9th Ohio      Colonel William D. Hamilton      
10th Ohio     Colonel Thomas L. Sanderson      
McLaughlin's Ohio Squadron Captain John Dalzell      
Third Brigade Colonel George E. Spencer                   
Colonel Michael Kerwin                   
Colonel Thomas T. Heath      
1st Ala.     Major Francis L. Cramer                   
Captain Jerome J. Hinds                   
Major Sanford Tramel      
5th Ky.      Colonel Oliver L. Baldwin                   
Major Christopher T. Cheek      
5th Ohio     Major George H. Rader      
13th Pa.     Major George F. McCabe                   
Colonel Michael Kerwin     
Fourth Brigade  Major William B. Way     (provisional organization of dismounted men)      
1st Reg't   Major Charles A. Appel      
2nd Reg't   Lieut. Colonel William Stough      
3rd Reg't   Captain John B. Riggs     
Artillery      23rd N.Y. (assigned April 1st) Captain Samuel Kittinger      
10th Wis. (relieved for muster-out April 8th) Captain Yates V. Beebe  
Center (Army of the Ohio) Major General John M. Schofield  
Escort    G 7th Ohio Cav. Captain John A. Ashbury  
Engineers   15th N.Y. (3 co's) Major Henry V. Slosson   
Artillery Lieut. Colonel Terance J. Kennedy (chief of artillery)   
Tenth Army Corps Major General Alfred H. Terry    
First Division Brig. General Henry W. Birge    (late Second Division Nineteenth Corps)     
Third Brigade Colonel Nicholas W. Day     
24th Iowa     Lieut. Colonel Edward Wright     
38th Mass.    Lieut. Colonel James P. Richardson     
128th N.Y.    Captain Henry H. Sincerbos     
156th N.Y.    Captain Alfred Cooley     
175th N.Y. (5 co's) Captain Chas. McCarthey     
176th N.Y.    Major Charles Lewis    
Artillery     22nd Ind. Lieut. Geo. W. Alexander    
Second Division Brig. General Adelbert Ames    (late Second Division Twenty-fourth Corps)     
First Brigade Colonel Rufus Daggett      
3rd N.Y.     Captain George E. Fordham                   
Lieut. Colonel Afred Dunham      
112th N.Y.   Colonel Ephraim a. Ludwick      
117th N.Y.   Captain Edward Downer      
142nd N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel William A. Jones                   
Colonel Albert M. Barney     
Second Brigade Colonel William B. Coan                  
Colonel John S. Littell      
47th N.Y.   Colonel Christopher R. Macdonald      
48th N.Y.    Captain Van Renselaer K. Hilliard                  
Colonel William B. Coan      
76th Pa.     Major Charles Knerr      
97th Pa.     Major William H. Martin                   
Lieut. Colonel John Wainwright      203rd Pa.   
Lieut. Colonel Amos W. Bachman     
Third Brigade Colonel G.F. Granger      
13th Ind.    Lieut. Colonel Samuel M. Zent      
9th Me.      Lieut. Colonel Joseph Noble      
4th N.H.     Captain John  H. Roberts      
115th N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Nathan J. Johnson      
169th N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel James A. Colvin     Artillery      
16th N.Y. Captain Richard H. Lee   
Third Division Brig. General Charles J. Paine   (late Third Division Twenty-fifth Corps)    
First Brigade  Colonel Delavan Bates     
1st   U.S.    Lieut. Colonel Giles H. Rich     
30th  U.S.    Lieut. Colonel Hiram A. Oakman     
107th U.S.    Colonel William H. Revere Jr.    
Second Brigade Colonel Samuel A. Duncan     
4th  U.S.    Lieut. Colonel George Rogers     
5th  U.S.    Colonel Giles W.Shurtleff     
39th U.S.    Colonel Ozora P. Stearns.    
Third Brigade Colonel John H. Holman                  
Colonel Albert M. Blackman      
6th  U.S.   Colonel John W. Ames     
27th U.S.   Lieut. Colonel John W. Donnellon      
37th U.S.   Colonel Nathan Goff Jr.    Unattached     
E 3rd U.S. Art'y Lieut. John R. Myrick   Twenty-third Army Corps Major General John M. Schofield (after April 2nd)                  
Major General Jacob D. Cox    
Engineer Battalion Captain Oliver S. McClure   
Provost Guard     
H 9th N.J. Captain Edward S. Pullen    Artillery      
Lieut. Colonel George W. Schofield                   
Captain Giles J. Cockerill    
First Division Brig. General Thomas H. Ruger     
First Brigade Colonel Isaac N. Stiles     
120th Ind.    Colonel Allen W. Prather     
124th Ind.    Colonel John M. Orr     
128th Ind.    Lieut. Colonel Jasper Packard     
180th Ohio    Colonel Willard Warner    
Second Brigade Colonel John C. McQuiston     
123rd Ind.    Lieut. Colonel Dewitt C. Walters     
129th Ind.    Colonel Charles A. Zollinger     
130th Ind.    Colonel Charles S. Parrish     
28th Mich.    Colonel William W. Wheeler    
Third Brigade Colonel Minor T. Thomas     
25th Mass. (assigned April 2nd) Lieut. Colonel James Tucker     
8th Minn.     Major George A. Camp     
174th Ohio    Colonel John S. Jones     
178th Ohio    Colonel Joab A. Stafford    Artillery     
22nd Ind. (transferred to First Division Tenth Corps April 5th)                   
Lieut. George W. Alexander      
F 1st Mich. (ordered to New Berne April 6th)                   Captain Byron D. Paddock Elgin Ill. (assigned April 8th)                  
Captain Andrew M. Wood    
Second Division Brig. General Nathaniel C. McLean                   
Colonel Orlando H. Moore                   
Major General Darius N. Couch                   
Brig. General Joseph A. Cooper     
First Brigade Colonel Orlando H. Moore      
26th Ky.     Colonel Thomas B. Fairleigh      
25th Mich.   Lieut. Colonel Benjamin F. Orcutt      
99th N.Y.(1) Colonel Peter J. Claassen      
132nd N.Y.   Colonel Peter J. Claassen     
52nd Pa.     Lieut. Colonel John B. Conyngham      
6th Tenn.    Lieut. Colonel Edward Maynard     
Second Brigade Colonel John Mehringer      
107th Ill.   Major Thomas J. Milholland      
80th Ind.    Lieut. Colonel Alfred Dale Owen      
23rd Mich.   Colonel Oliver L. Spaulding      
111th Ohio   Lieut. Colonel Isaac R.Sherwood      
118th Ohio   Lieut. Colonel Edgar Sowers     
Third Brigade Colonel Silas A. Strickland      
91st Ind.    Lieut. Colonel Charles H. Butterfield      
50th Ohio    Captain John S. Conahan                   
Lieut. Colonel James A. Bope      
181st Ohio   Lieut. Colonel John E. Hudson                  
Colonel John O'Dowd      
183rd Ohio Colonel George W. Hoge     Artillery      
15th Ind.    Captain Alonzo D. Harvey      
19th Ohio    Captain Frank Wilson   
Third Division  Brig. General James W. Reilly                   
Brig. General Samuel P. Carter.        
F 100th Ohio  Lieut. John P. Denney
   First Brigade  Colonel Oscar W. Sterl
    12th Ky.      Captain John Travis
                  Lieut. Colonel Laurence H. Rousseau
    16th Ky.      Lieut. Colonel John S. White
    100th Ohio    Captain Frank Rundell
    104th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel William J. Jordan
    8th Tenn.     Captain James W. Berry
   Second Brigade Colonel John S. Casement
    65th Ill.     Major George H. Kennedy
                  Lieut. Colonel William S. Stewart
    65th Ind.     Lieut. Colonel John W. Hammond
    9th N.J.      Colonel James Stewart Jr.
    103rd Ohio    Captain Henry S. Pickands
    177th Ohio    Colonel Arthur T. Wilcox
                  Lieut. Colonel William H. Zimmerman
   Third Brigade  Colonel Thomas J. Henderson
    112th Ill.    Lieut. Colonel Emery S. Bond
    63rd Ind.     Lieut. Colonel Daniel Morris
                  Major Frank Wilcox
    140th Ind.    Colonel Thomas J. Brady
    17th Mass.    Lieut. Colonel Henry Splaine
    23rd Ind.     Captain James H. Myers
    D 1st Ohio    Captain Giles J. Cockerill
                  Lieut. Cecil C. Reed
        First Brigade Colonel Peter J. Claassen
     17th Mass.   Lieut. Colonel Henry Splaine
     132nd N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel George H. Hitchcock
    Second Brigade Colonel James Stewart Jr.
     25th Mass.   Captain Samuel Harrington
                  Lieut. Colonel James Tucker
     9th N.J.     Lieut. Colonel Samuel Hufty
     85th N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel William W. Clarke
   Artillery Captain William E. Mercer
    C 3rd N.Y.    Lieut. E. Barton Wood
    I 3rd N.Y.    Lieut. William Richardson
    12th N.Y.     Colonel James W. Savage
    L 1st N.C.    Captain George W. Graham
   Reserve Artillery Captain William E. Mercer
    C 3rd N.Y.    Lieut. E. Barton Wood
    D 3rd N.Y.    Captain Stephen Van Heusen
    G 3rd N.Y.    Captain William A. Kelsey
    I 3rd N.Y.    Lieut. William Richardson
Parenthetical one (1) denotes a battalion strength unit.
Parenthetical two (2) denotes a mounted infantry unit.
The 6th Tenn. was relieved for muster-out March 31st.
The 15th Ind. Artillery was detached at Wilmington April 5th.
The 23rd Ind. Artillery was detached at Wilmington April 6th.
The Division From District Of Beaufort was discontinued April 2nd.
The Reserve Artillery was organized April 5th.

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