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I created this website in 2002 and it has been available at 47NY.ORG & 47thNY.Com. For year it was a redirect to Recently it had come to my observence that most of the site had been disabled due to old flash and code I used, also many of the links were no longer available and even some of my pages had become unreadable.

This is a passion for me and I do not make any money from this site in anyway, I just became the most complete history of the 47TH NYVI single collection of information.

In re-vamping the site, I am not sure where I may have aquired my data from, bad on my part not keeping records or simply doing as I have here and added a page of thank you's. If you find any data on this site that is yours and I have not credited you with it, please simply let me know and I will add your credits.

Thank You in advance,
William Spinola

T.R. Fasulo, Webmaster of the Battle of Olustee" Visit the Battle of Olustee Website. In 2002 I recieved permission to copy.

Wikipedia - I have found this as simply a way to add the links to soldiers, battles and locations that are available, I have also updated any information that I had found missing, or corrected hat I know was to be incorrect. I also have used images from the site.

Photo's - In my quest to add as much as possible, I know I have downloaded images from the web and did not keep track of the site I recieved it from, If I have used one of your pictures, I will gladly credit you, or remove it if you want, just let me know
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