The Union Forces Engaged In The Richmond Campaign - 47th NY Voulnteer Infantry

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The Union Forces Engaged In The Richmond Campaign
The Union Army Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant
B,F,K 5th U.S. Cavalry Captain Julius W. Mason
Army Of The Potomac Major General George G. Meade
Command of the Provost Guard Brig. General Marsena R. Patrick
C,D 1st Mass. Cavalry Captian Edward A. Flint
80th N.Y. Inf.    Colonel Theodore B. Gates
3rd   Pa. Cavalry Major James W. Walsh
68th  Pa. Inf.    Lieut. Colonel Robert W. Winslow
114th Pa. Inf.    Colonel Charles H.T. Collis
Volunteer Engineer Brigade Brig. General Henry W. Benham
15th N.Y. Engineers Major William A. Ketchum
50th N.Y. Engineers Lieut. Colonel Ira Spaulding
Battalion U.S. Engineers Captain George H. Mendell
Guards and Orderlies
Oneida (N.Y.) Cavalry Captain Daniel P. Mann
Second Army Corps Major General Winfield S. Hancock
M 1st Vt. Cavalry Captain John H. Hazelton
First Division Brig. General Francis C. Barlow
First Brigade Colonel Nelson A. Miles
   26th  Mich.  Major Lemuel Saviers
   61st  N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel K. Oscar Broady
81st  Pa.    Colonel H. Boyd McKeen
40th Pa.    Colonel John Fraser
183rd Pa.    Colonel George P. McLean
Second Brigade Colonel Thomas A. Smyth
28th  Mass.   Lieut. Colonel George W. Cartwright
63rd  N.Y.    Major Thomas Touhy
69th  N.Y.    Captain Richard Moroney
88th  N.Y.    Captain Dennis F. Burke
116th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Richard C. Dale
   Third Brigade Colonel Paul Frank
39th  N.Y.   Colonel Augustus Funk
52nd  N.Y.   Major Henry W. Carples
57th  N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Alford B. Chapman
111th N.Y.   Captain Aaron P. Seeley
125th N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Aaron B. Meyer
126th N.Y.   Captain Winfiel Scott
Fourth Brigade Colonel John R. Brooke
2nd   Del.    Colonel William P. Bailey
64th  N.Y.    Major Leman W. Bradley
66th  N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel John S. Hammell
53rd  Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Richards McMichael
145th Pa.     Colonel Hiram L. Brown
Second Division Brig. General John Gibbon
Provost Guard
2nd Co. Minn. Sharpshooters Captain Mahlon Black
First Brigade Brig. General Alex S. Webb
19th Me.      Colonel Seldon Conner
1st Co. Andrew (Mass.) Sharpshooters Lieut. Samuel G. Gilbreth
15th Mass.    Major I. Harris Hooper
19th Mass.    Major Edmund Rice
20th Mass.    Major Henry L. Abbott
7th  Mich.    Major Sylvanus W. Curtis
42nd N.Y.     Major Patrick J. Downing
59th N.Y.     Captain William McFadden
82nd N.Y. (2nd Militia) Colonel Henry W. Hudson
  Second Brigade Brig. General Joshua T. Owen
152nd N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel George W. Thompson
69th  Pa.     Major William Davis
71st  Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Charles Kochersperger
72nd  Pa.     Colonel De Witt C. Baxter
106th Pa.     Captain Robert H. Ford
Third Brigade Colonel Samuel S. Carroll
14th Conn.   Colonel Theodore G. Ellis
1st  Del.    Lieut. Colonel Daniel Woodall
14th Ind.    Colonel John Coons
12th N.J.    Lieut. Colonel Thomas H. Davis
10th N.Y. (1) Captain George M. Dewey
108th N.Y.   Colonel Charles J. Powers
4th  Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Leonard W. Carpenter
8th  Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Franklin Sawyer
7th  W. Va.  Lieut. Colonel J.H. Lockwood
Third Division Brig. General Samuel W. Crawford
First Brigade Colonel William McCandless
1st Pa.      Colonel William C. Talley
2nd Pa.      Lieut. Colonel Patrick McDonough
6th Pa.      Colonel Wellington H. Ent
7th Pa.      Major LeGrand B. Speece
11th Pa.     Colonel Samuel M. Jackson
13th Pa.     Major W.R. Hartshorn
Third Brigade Colonel Joseph W. Fisher
5th Pa.      Lieut. Colonel George Dare
8th Pa.      Colonel silas M. Baily
10th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Ira Ayer, Jr.
12th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel richard Gustin
First Brigade Brig. General Lysander Cutler
Fourth Division Brig. General James S. Wadsworth
7th Ind.     Colonel Ira G. Grover
19th Ind.    Colonel Samuel J. Williams
24th Mich.   Colonel Henry A. Morrow
1st N.Y. Battalion Sharpshooters Captain Volney J. Shipman
2nd Wis.     Lieut. Colonel John Mansfield
6th Wis.     Colonel Edward S. Bragg
7th Wis.     Colonel William W. Robinson
Second Brigade Brig. General James C. Rice
76th  N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel John E. Cook
84th  N.Y.    Colonel Edward B. Fowler
95th  N.Y.    Colonel Edward Pye
147th N.Y.    Colonel Francis C. Miller
56th  Pa.     Colonel J. William Hofmann
Third Brigade Colonel Roy Stone
121st Pa.    Captain Samuel T. Lloyd
142nd Pa.    Major Horatio N. Warren
143rd Pa.    Colonel Edmund L. Dana
149th Pa.    Lieut. Colonel John Irvin
150th Pa.    Captain George W. Jones
Artillery Brigade Colonel Charles S. Wainwright
3rd Mass.        Captain Augustus P. Martin
5th Mass.        Captain Charles A. Phillips
D 1st N.Y.       Captain George B. Winslow
E,L 1st N.Y.     Lieutenant George Breck
H 1st N.Y.       Captain Charles E. Mink
2nd Battalion 4th N.Y. Heavy Major William Arthur
B 1st Pa.        Captain James H. Cooper
B 4th U.S.       Lieutenant James Stewart
D 5th U.S.       Lieutenant B.F. Rittenhouse
Sixth Army Corps Major General John Sedgwick
A 8th Pa. Cavalry Captain Charles E. Fellows
First Division Brig. General Horatio G. Wright
First Brigade Colonel Henry W. Brown
1st  N.J. Lieutenant Colonel William Henry, Jr.
2nd  N.J.  Lieutenant Colonel Charles Weibecke
3rd  N.J.    Captain Samuel T. Du Bois
4th  N.J.    Lieut. Colonel Charles Ewing
10th N.J.    Colonel Henry O. Ryerson
15th N.J.    Colonel William H. Penrose
Second Brigade Colonel Emory Upton
5th  Me.     Colonel Clark S. Edwards
121st N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel Egbert Olcott
95th  Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Edward Carroll
96th  Pa.     Lieut. Colonel William H. Lessig
Third Brigade Brig. General David A. Russell
6th   Me.    Major George Fuller
49th  Pa.    Colonel Thomas H. Hulings
119th Pa.    Major Henry P. Truefitt, Jr.
5th   Wis.   Lieut. Colonel Theodore B. Catlin
Fourth Brigade Brig. General Alexander Shaler
65th  N.Y.    Colonel Joseph E. Hamblin
67th  N.Y.    Colonel Nelson Cross
122nd N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel Augustus D. Dwight
82nd  Pa. (detachment)
Second Division Brig. General George W. Getty
First Brigade Brig. General Frank Wheaton
62nd N.Y.    Colonel David J. Nevin
93rd Pa.     Lieut. Colonel John S. Long
98th Pa. Colonel John F. Ballier
102nd Pa.    Colonel John W. Patterson
139th Pa.    Lieut. Colonel William H. Moody
Second Brigade Colonel Lewis A. Grant
2nd Vt.       Colonel Newton Stone
3rd Vt.       Colonel Thomas O. Seaver
4th Vt.       Colonel George P. Foster
5th Vt.       Colonel John R. Lewis
6th Vt.       Colonel Elisha L. Barney
Third Brigade Brig. General Thomas H. Neill
7th  Me.     Colonel Edwin C. Mason
43rd N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel John Wilson
49th N.Y.    Colonel Daniel D. Bidwell
77th N.Y.    Major Nathan S. Babcock
61st Pa.     Colonel George F. Smith
Fourth Brigade Brig. General Henry L. Eustis
7th  Mass.    Colonel Thomas D. Johns
10th Mass.    Lieut. Colonel Joseph B. Parsons
37th Mass.    Colonel Oliver Edwards
2nd  R.I.  Lieut. Colonel S.B.M. Read
Third Division Brig. General James B. Ricketts
First Brigade Brig. General William H. Morris
14th  N.J.   Lieut. Colonel Caldwell K. Hall
106th N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Charles Townsend
151st N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Thomas M. Fav
87th  Pa.    Colonel John W. Schall
10th  Vt.    Lieut. Colonel William H. Henry
Second Brigade Brig. General Truman Seymour
6th Md.       Colonel John W. Horn
110th Ohio    Colonel J. Warren Keifer
122nd Ohio    Colonel William H. Ball
126th Ohio    Colonel Benjamin F. Smith
67th  Pa. (1) Captain George W. Guss
138th Pa.     Colonel Matthew R. McClennan
Artillery Brigade Colonel Charles H. Tompkins
4th Me.    Lieutenant Melville C. Kimball
1st Mass.  Captain William H. McCartney
1st N.Y    Captain Andrew Cowan
3rd N.Y.   Captain William A. Harn
1st Battalion 4th N.Y. Heavy Major Thomas D. Sears
C 1st R.I. Captain Richard Waterman
E 1st R.I. Captain William B. Rhodes
G 1st R.I. Captain George W. Adams
M 5th U.S. Captain James McKnight
Ninth Army Corps Major General Ambrose E. Burnside
Provost Guard
8th U.S. Captain Milton Cogswell
First Division Brig. General Thomas G. Stevenson
First Brigade Colonel Sumner Carruth
35th Mass.   Major Nathaniel Wales
56th Mass.   Colonel Charles E. Griswold
57th Mass.   Colonel William E. Bartlett
59th Mass.   Colonel J. Parker Gould
4th  U.S.    Captain Charles H. Brightly
10th U.S.    Major Samuel B. Hayman
Second Brigade Colonel Daniel Leasure
3rd   Md.     Colonel Joseph M. Sudsburg
21st  Mass.   Lieut. Colonel George P. Hawkes
100th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Matthew M. Dawson
2nd  Me.      Captain Albert F. Thomas
14th Mass.    Captain J.W.B. Wright
Second Division Brig. General Robert B. Potter
First Brigade Colonel Zenas R. Bliss
36th Mass.   Major William F. Draper
58th Mass.   Lieut. Colonel John C. Whiton
51st N.Y.    Colonel Charles W. Le Gendre
45th Pa.     Colonel John I. Curtin
48th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Henry Pleasants
7th  R.I.    Captain Theodore Winn
Second Brigade Colonel Simon G. Griffin
31st Me.      Lieut. Colonel Thomas Hight
32nd Me.      Major Arthur Deering
6th  N.H.     Lieut. Colonel Henry H. Pearson
9th  N.H.     Lieut. Colonel John W. Babitt
11th N.H.     Colonel Walter Harriman
17th Vt.      Lieut. Colonel Charles Cummings
11th Mass.   Captain Edward J. Jones
19th N.Y.    Captain Edward W. Rogers
Third Division Brig. General Orlando B. Wilcox
First Brigade Colonel John F. Hartranft
2nd   Mich.  Colonel William Humphrey
8th   Mich.  Colonel Frank Graves
17th  Mich.  Colonel Constant Luce
27th  Mich.  Major Samuel Moody
Mich. Sharpshooters (1st & 2nd co's) Major Samuel Moody
109th N.Y.   Colonel Benjamin F. Tracey
51st  Pa.    Lieut. Colonel Edwin Schall
Second Brigade Colonel Benjamin C. Christ
1st Mich. Sharpshooters Colonel Charles V. De Land
20th Mich.   Lieut. Colonel Byron M. Cutcheon
79th N.Y.    Colonel David Morrison
60th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel James N. McElroy
Ohio Sharpshooters (9th & 10th co's) Lieut. Colonel James N. McElroy
50th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Edward Overton, Jr.
7th  Me.    Captain Adelbert B. Twitchell
34th N.Y.   Captain Jacob Roemer
Fourth Division Brig. General Edward Ferrero
First Brigade Colonel Joshua K. Sigfried
27th U.S.(4) Lieut. Colonel Charles J. Wright
30th U.S.(4) Colonel Delavan Bates
39th U.S.(4) Colonel Ozora P. Stearns
43rd U.S.(4) Lieut. Colonel H. Seymour Hall
Second Brigade Colonel Henry G. Thomas
30th Conn.(1) Captain Charles Robinson
19th U.S.(4)  Lieut. Colonel Joseph Perkins
23rd U.S.(4)  Lieut. Colonel Cleveland J. Campbell
D   Pa.       Captain George W. Durell
3rd Vt.       Captain Romero H. Start
3rd  N.J.     Colonel Andrew J. Morrison
22nd N.Y.     Colonel Samuel J. Crooks
2nd  Ohio     Lieut. Colonel George A. Purington
13th Pa.      Major Michael Kerwin
Reserve Artillery Captain John Edwards, Jr.
27th  N.Y.       Captain John B. Eaton
D 1st R.I.       Captain William W. Buckley
H 1st R.I.       Captain Crawford Allen, Jr.
E 2nd U.S.       Lieut. James S. Dudley
G 3rd U.S.       Lieut. Edmund Pendleton
L,M 3rd U.S.     Lieut. Erskine Gittings
Provisional Brigade Colonel Elisha G. Marshall
24th N.Y. Cavalry(2) Colonel William C. Raulston
14th N.Y. Heavy Artillery Lieut. Colonel Clarence H. Corning
2nd Pa. Prov. Heavy Artillery Colonel Thomas Wilhelm
Cavalry Corps Major General Philip H. Sheridan
6th U.S.    Captain Ira W. Claflin
First Division Brig. General Alfred T.A. Torbert
First Brigade Brig. General George A. Custer
1st Mich. Lieut. Colonel Peter Stagg
5th Mich. Colonel Russell A. Alger
6th Mich. Major James H. Kidd
7th Mich. Major Henry W. Granger
Second Brigade Colonel Thomas C. Devin
4th N.Y.(guarding trains) Lieut. Colonel Willian R. Parnell
6th N.Y.      Lieut. Colonel William H. Crocker
9th N.Y.      Colonel William Sackett
17th Pa.      Lieut. Colonel James Q. Anderson
Reserve Brigade Brig. General Wesley Merritt
19th N.Y.      Colonel Alfred Gibbs
6th Pa.        Major James Starr
1st U.S.       Captain Nelson B. Sweitzer
2nd U.S.       Captain Theophilus F. Rodenbough
5th U.S.       Captain Abraham K. Arnold
Second Division Brig. General David McM. Gregg
First Brigade Brig. General Henry E. Davies, Jr.
1st Mass.    Major Lucius M. Sargent
1st N.J.     Lieut. Colonel John W. Kester
6th Ohio     Colonel William Stedman
1st Pa.      Colonel John P. Taylor
Second Brigade Colonel J. Irvin Gregg
1st  Me.      Colonel Charles H. Smith
10th N.Y.     Major M. Henry Avery
2nd  Pa.      Lieut. Colonel Joseph P. Brinton
4th  Pa.      Lieut. Colonel George H. Covode
8th  Pa.      Lieut. Colonel Samuel Wilson
16th Pa.      Lieut. Colonel John K. Robison
Third Division Brig. General James H. Wilson
8th Ill.(1)  Lieut. William W. Long
First Brigade Colonel Timothy M. Bryan, Jr.
Colonel John B. McIntosh
1st Conn.    Major Erastus Blakeslee
   2nd N.Y.     Colonel Otto Harhaus     
5th N.Y.     Lieut. Colonel John Hammond
18th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel William P. Brinton
Second Brigade Colonel George H. Chapman
3rd Ind.      Major William Patton
8th N.Y.      Lieut. Colonel William H. Benjamin
  1st Vt.       Lieut. Colonel Addison W. Preston
Artillery Brig. General Henry J. Hunt
Artillery Reserve Colonel Henry S. Burton
First Brigade Colonel J. Howard Kitching
6th  N.Y. Heavy Lieut. Colonel Edmund R. Travis
15th N.Y. Heavy Colonel Louis Schirmer
Second Brigade Major John A. Tompkins
5th Me.       Captain Greenleaf T. Stevens
1st N.J.      Captain William Hexamer
2nd N.J.      Captain A. Judson Clark
5th N.Y.      Captain Elijah D. Taft
12th N.Y.     Captain George F. McKnight
B 1st N.Y.    Captain Albert S. Sheldon
Third Brigade Major Robert H. Fitzhugh
9th Mass.    Captain John Bigelow
15th N.Y.    Captain Patrick Hart
C 1st N.Y.   Lieut. William H. Phillips
11th N.Y.    Captain John E. Burton
H 1st Ohio   Lieutenant William A. Ewing
E 5th U.S.   Lieutenant John R. Brinckle
Horse Artillery First Brigade Captain James M. Robertson
6th N.Y.     Captain Joseph W. Martin
B,L 2nd U.S. Lieutenant Edward Heaton
D 2nd U.S.   Lieutenant Edward B. Williston
M 2nd U.S.   Lieutenant A.C.M. Pennington
A 4th U.S.   Lieutenant Rufus King, Jr.
C,E 4th U.S. Lieutenant Charles L. Fitzhugh
Second Brigade Captain Dunbar R. Ransom
E,G 1st U.S.  Frank S. French
H,I 1st U.S.  Captain Alanson M. Randol
K 1st U.S.    Lieutenant John Egan
A 2nd U.S.    Lieutenat Robert Clarke
G 2nd U.S.    Lieutenant William N. Dennison
C,F,K 3rd U.S. Lieutenant James R. Kelly
Army Of The James Major General Benjamin F. Butler
Tenth Army Corps Major General Quincy A. Gillmore
First Division Brig. General Alfred H. Terry
First Brigade Colonel Joshua B. Howell
39th Ill.    Colonel Thomas O. Osborn
62nd Ohio    Colonel Francis B. Pond
67th Ohio    Colonel Alvin C. Voris
85th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Edward Campbell
Second Brigade Colonel Joseph R. Hawley
6th Conn.     Lieut. Colonel Lorenzo Mecker
7th Conn.     Lieut. Colonel Daniel C. Rodman
3rd N.H.      Lieut. Colonel Josiah I. Plimpton
7th N.H.      Colonel Joseph C. Abbott
Third Brigade Colonel Harris M. Plaisted
10th Conn.   Colonel John L. Otis
11th Me.     Lieut. Colonel Winslow P. Spofford
24th Mass.   Colonel francis A. Osborn
100th N.Y.   Colonel George B. Dandy
1st Conn.    Captain Alfred P. Rockwell
5th N.J.     Captain Zenas C. Warren
M 1st U.S.   Captain Loomis L. Langdon
First Brigade Colonel Samuel M. Alford
Second Division Brig. General John W. Turner
40th Mass.   Colonel Guy V. Henry
13th Ind.     Colonel Cyrus J. Dobbs
   3rd N.Y.     Lieut. Colonel Eldridge G. Floyd     
89th N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel Thoephilus L. England     
117th N.Y.   Colonel Alvin White     
142nd N.Y.   Colonel N. Martin Curtis
Second Brigade Colonel William B. Barton     
47th N.Y.     Lieut. Colonel Christopher R. McDonald     
48th N.Y.     Lieut. Colonel Dudley W. Strickland     
115th N.Y.    Major Ezra L. Walrath     
76th Pa.      Colonel John C. Campbell
Artillery     4th N.J.      Captain George T. Woodbury     
B 1st U.S.    Captain Samuel S. Elder     
D 1st U.S.    Lieutenant John S. Gibbs
Third Division Brig. Genreal Adelbert Ames
First Brigade Colonel Richard White     
8th Me.      Lieut. Colonel Henry Boynton     
4th N.H.     Colonel Louis Bell     
55th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Frank T. Bennett     
97th Pa.     Colonel Henry R. Guss
Second Brigade Colonel Jeremiah C. Drake
9th Me.       Colonel Sabine Emery
112th N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel Elial F. Carpenter
169th N.Y.    Colonel John McConihe
33rd N.Y.   Captain Alger M. Wheeler     
C 3rd R.I.  Captain Martin S. James     
E 3rd U.S.  Lieutenant Joseph P. Sanger
Unattached Troops    
1st N.Y. Engineers (8 co's) Colonel Edward W. Serrell    
4th Mass. Cavalry(1st Battalion) Captain Lucius Richmond
Eighteenth Army Corps Major General William F. Smith
First Division Brig. General William T.H. Brooks
First Brigade Brig. General Gilman Marston     
81st N.Y.    Colonel Jacob J. De Forest    
95th N.Y.    Colonel Edgar M. Cullen     
98th N.Y.    Colonel Frederick F. Wead     
139th N.Y.   Colonel Samuel H. Roberts
Second Brigade Brig. General Hiram Burnham
8th Conn.     Colonel John E. Ward
10th N.H.     Lieut. Colonel John Coughlin
13th N.H.     Colonel Aaron F. Stevens     
118th N.Y.    Colonel Oliver Keese, Jr.
Third Brigade Colonel Horace T. Sanders     
92nd N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel Hiram Anderson, Jr.     
58th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Montgomery Martin     
188th Pa.    Lieut. Colonel George K. Bowen     
19th Wis.    Lieut. Colonel Rollin M. Strong
Artillery Brigade Major Theodore H. Schenck     
4th Wis.     Captain George B. Easterly    
L 4th U.S.   Lieutenant John S. Hunt     
A 5th U.S.   Lieutenant Charles P. Muhlenberg
Second Division Brig. General Godfrey Weitzel
First Brigade Brig. General Charles A. Heckman     
23rd Mass.   Colonel Andrew Elwell     
25th Mass.   Major Cornelius G. Atwood     
27th Mass.   Colonel Horace C. Lee     
9th N.J.     Colonel Abram Zabriskie
Second Brigade Colonel Griffin A. Stedman     
11th Conn.   Lieut. Colonel William C. Moegling     
2nd N.H.     Colonel Edward L. Bailey     
12th N.H.    Major John F. Langley     
148th N.Y.   Colonel George M. Guion
Artillery Brigade Captain Frederick M. Follett     
7th N.Y.     Captain Peter C. Regan     
E 3rd N.Y.   Captain George E. Ashby     
F 1st R.I.   Captain James Belger     
D 4th U.S.   Lieutenant James Thompson
Third Division Brig. General Edward W. Hinks
First Brigade Brig. General Edward A. Wild     
1st U.S.     Colonel John H. Holman     
10th U.S.    Lieut. Colonel Edward H. Powell    
22nd U.S.    Colonel Joseph B. Kiddoo     
37th U.S.    Lieut. Colonel Abiel G. Chamberlain
Second Brigade Colonel Samuel A. Duncan     
4th U.S.      Lieut. Colonel George Rogers     
5th U.S.      Colonel James W. Conine     
6th U.S.      Colonel John W. Ames
K 3rd N.Y.    Captain James R. Angel     
M 3rd N.Y.    Captain John H. Howell     
B 2nd U.S.(colored) Captain Francis C. Choate
Unattached Troops     
1st N.Y. Mounted Rifles Colonel Benjamin F. Onderdonk
Cavalry Division Brig. General August V. Kautz
First Brigade Colonel Simon H. Mix     
1st D.C.     Lieut. Colonel Everton J. Conger     
3rd N.Y.     Lieut. Colonel George W. Lewis
Second Brigade Colonel Samuel P. Spear     
5th Pa.       Lieut. Colonel christopher Kleinz     
11th Pa.      Lieut. Colonel George Stetzel
8th N.Y.(3) Lieutenant Peter Morton
Unattached Troops     
1st U.S. Colored Cavalry Major Harvey W. Brown     
2nd U.S. Colored Cavalry Colonel George W. Cole     
13th co. Mass Heavy Artillery Captain John Pickering, Jr.

Notes: Union losses in the Richmond Campaign(5/5-6/15):    (Does not include Army of the James losses)  
                           killed      wounded       captured      total
The Wilderness           2,246          12,037              3,383         17,666
Spotsylvania                2,725          13,416              2,258         18,399
North Anna                     591           2,734                  661           3,986
Cold Harbor                 1,844           9,077               1,816        12,737
Sheridan's 1st Escapade     64              337                  224             625
Sheridan's 2nd Escapade   50               741                  625         1,516
Grand Total                  7,620          38,342              8,967        54,929

The strength of the Union forces in the Wilderness was estimated as 118,000 effectives.
The Army of the James numbered about 36,000 effectives.
The losses  suffered were (exclusive of W.F. Smith's at Cold Harbor which are
included in the above losses):    634 killed, 3903 wounded, 1678 captured or missing     total losses: 6215      
Parenthetical one (1) denotes a battalion strength unit.   
Parenthetical two (2) denotes a dismounted cavalry unit.
Parenthetical three (3) denotes a section strength unit.
Parenthetical four (4) denotes U.S. Colored Troops unit.

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