The Union Forces Engaged at Charleston, S.C. - 47th NY Voulnteer Infantry

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The Union Forces Engaged at Charleston, S.C.

Department of The South Major General Quincy A. Gillmore
            Battery Wagner, July 18
First Division Brig. General Truman Seymour (w)  (pic)

First Brigade Brig. General George C. Strong (m w) (pic)
6th  Conn.   Colonel John L. Chatfield (m w);  (pic)
Captain John N. Tracy
54th Mass.   Colonel Robert G. Shaw (k)  (pic)
9th  Me.     Colonel Sabine Emery (w)
3rd  N.H.    Colonel John H. Jackson (w)
Captain Luis F. Emilio
48th N.Y.    Colonel William B. Barton (w)
76th Pa.    Captain John S. Littell
Second Brigade Colonel Haldimand S. Putnam (k) (pic)
7th   N.H.   Lieut. Colonel Joseph C. Abbott  (pic)
100th N.Y.    Colonel George B. Dandy
67th  Ohio   Colonel Alvn c. Voris
62nd  Ohio    Colonel Francis B. Pond
Artillery     Lieut. Colonel Richard W. Jackson
Captain Loomis L. Langdon
C 3rd R.I.    Captan Charles R. Brayto
E 3rd U.S.     Lieutenant John R. Myrick
Total Union Losses:  
2,246 killed, 880 wounded, 389 captured or missing
 Grand Total: 3,515

The Strength of the assaulting column, exclusive of Stevenson's brigade held in reserve, is estimated at 5,000.
Notes: Captain Loomis Langdon was in charge of the siege batteries.


Morris Island Brig. General Alfred H. Terry  (pic)
First Brigade Colonel Henry R. Guss  (pic)
9th  Me.     Lieut. Colonel Z.H. robinson
3rd  N.H.   Captain James F. Randlett
97th Pa.     Major Galusha Pennypacker  (pic)
4th  N.H.    Lieut. Colonel Louis Bell
39th Ill.    Colonel Thomas O. Osborn  (pic)
62nd Ohio     Colonel F.B. Pond
85th Pa.      Major Edward Campbell
67th Ohio     Major Lewis Butler
Third Brigade Brig. General Thomas G. Stevenson  (pic)
7th  Conn.   Colonel Joseph R. Hawley  (pic)
10th Conn.   Major Edwin S. Greely
24th Mass.  Colonel Francis A. Osborn
Fourth Brigade Colonel James Montgomery  (pic)
7th  N.H.   Lieut. Colonel J.C. Abbott
100th N.Y.  Colonel G.B. dandy
54th Mass.    Colonel M.S. Littlefield
2nd  S.C.    Lieut. Colonel W.W. Marple
3rd  U.S.C.T.  Colonel B.C. Tilghman  (pic)
Fifth Brigade Colonel W.H.Davis
47th  N.Y.   Major C.R. McDonald
Independent N.Y. Battalion Captain M. Schmitt
52nd  Pa.    Lieut. Colonel H.M. Hoyt
Artillery Lieut. Colonel R.W. Jackson;
104th Pa.    Major E.L. Rogers
Captain L.L. Langdon
B Section 3rd R.I. Captain Albert E. Green
C Section 3rd R.I. Captain Charles R. Brayton
D Section 3rd R.I. Captain Richard G. Shaw
H Section 3rd R.I. Captain Augustus W. Colwell
M Section 3rd R.I. Captain Joseph J. Comstock, Jr.
I Section 3rd R.I. Captain Charles G. Strahan
B Section 1st U.S. Lieutenant Guy V. Henry
E Section 3rd U.S. Lieutenant John R. Myrick
C Section 1st U.S.(1) Lieutenant James E. Wilson
B Section 3rd N.Y. Captain James E. Ashcroft
F Section 3rd N.Y. Captain Paul Birchmeyer
11th Me. (1) Lieutenant Charles Sellmer
I 1st Mass. Cavalry Lieutenant Charles V. Holt
1st N.Y. Engineers Colonel Edward W. Serrell  (pic)
North End Of Polly Island Brig. General Israel Vogdes  (pic)
African Brigade Brig. General Edward A. Wild  (pic)
55th Mass.    Colonel Norwood P. Hallowell
1st  N.C.      Colonel James C. Beecher
3rd  N.C.(1)   Captain John Wilder
2nd  N.C.(1)   Colonel Alonzo G. Draper
Foster's Brigade Brig. General R.S. Foster
13th  Ind.      Colonel Cyrus J. Dobbs
112th N.Y.      Colonel Jeremiah C. Drake
169th N.Y.      Colonel Clarence Buell
Alford's Brigade Colonel Samuel M. Alford
3rd   N.Y.      Lieut. Colonel E.G. Floyd
89th  N.Y.      Colonel Harrison S. Fairchild
103rd N.Y.      Colonel William Heine
117th N.Y.      Colonel Alvin White
1st Conn.  Captain A.P. Rockwell
South End Of Polly Island Brig. General George H. Gordon
First Brigade Brig. General A. Schimmelfennig
41st  N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Detleo von Einsiedel
54th  N.Y.   Captain Clemens Knipschild
142nd N.Y.   Colonel N. Martin Curtis
127th N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Stewart L. Woodford
107th Ohio   Captian William Smith
Second Brigade Brig. General Adelbert Ames
74th  Pa.    Captain Henry Krauseneck
17th  Conn.   Colonel W.H. Noble
40th  Mass.   Lieut. Colonel Joseph A. Dalton
144th N.Y.    Colonel David E. Gregory
25th Ohio     Captain Nathaniel Haughton
157th N.Y.    Major James C. Carmichael
75th Ohio     Colonel A.L. Harris

The effective strength of the land forces employed against Charleston  ranged from 11,000 to 16,000 men.
Union losses July 10th - September 7th

                                              Killed  Wounded  Captured  Total
 Morris Island (July 10)             15        91                      0          106

 Battery Wagner (July 11)       49         123                  167         339
 Siege Operations (7/18-9/7)    71       278                    9           358
 Battery Wagner (July 18)      246       880                    389       1,515
 Grand Total                               381     1,372                565       2,318

Union losses from September 8 to December 31 were:

  14 killed, 42 wounded, 0 missing
   total: 56

The 54th Mass. and 2nd S.C. were colored regiments.
Parenthetical one (1) denotes a detachment strength unit.
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