The Union Forces At Port Royal - 47th NY Voulnteer Infantry

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Union Naval Forces Flag Officer S.F. DuPont Commanding

                    Captain Charles Henry Davis Fleet-Captain    

Wabash    (flagship): Commander C. R. P. Rodgers   
Susquehanna   : Captain J. L. Lardner   
Mohican            : Commander S. W. Godon   
Seminole           : Commander J. P. Gillis   
Pocahontas      : Commander Percival Drayton  
Pawnee             : Lieutenant R.H. Wyman  
Unadilla            : Lieutenant Napoleon Collins   
Seneca              : Lieutenant Daniel Ammen
Ottawa          : Lieutenant T.H. Stevens
Pembina         : Lieutenant J.P. Bankhead   
Vandalia        : Commander F.S. Haggerty   
Bienville       : Commander Charles Steedman   
Augusta         : Commander E.G. Parrott   
Curlew          : Lieutenant P.G. Watmough   
Penguin         : Lieutenant T.A. Budd   
R.B. Forbes     : Lieutenant H. S. Newcomb   
Isaac Smith     : Lieutenant J.W.A. Nicholson     

Fleet Armament    

Wabash      : 2 10-inch, 28  9-inch, 14 8-inch, 2 12-pounders  -  The Wabash was a frigate  
Susquehanna : 15 8-inch, 1 24-pounder, 2 12-pounders   - The Susquehanna was a sidewheel steamer.                                           
Mohican     : 2 11-inch 4 32-pounders, 1 12-pounder    -  The Mohican was a  steam sloop-of-war.
Seminole    : 1 11-inch, 4 32-pounders    -  The Seminole was a Screw sloop-of-war.
Pocahontas  : 1 10-inch, 4 32-pounders    -  The Pocahontas was a steamer.
Pawnee      : 8 9-inch, 2 12-pounders     -  The Pawnee was a steam sloop-of-war.
Unadilla    : 1 11-inch, 1 20-pounder rifle, 2 24-pounders    -  The Unadilla was a Unadilla class gun-boat.
Seneca      : 1 11-inch, 1 20-pounder rifle, 2 24-pounders    -  The Seneca was a Unadilla class gun-boat.
Ottawa     : 1 11-inch, 1 20-pounder rifle, 2 24-pounders    -  The Ottawa was a gun-boat.    
Pembina     : 1 11-inch, 1 20-pounder rifle, 2 24-pounders   -  The Pembina was a Unadilla class gun-boat.
Vandalia    : 4 8-inch, 16 32-pounders, 1 12-pounder    -  The Vandalia was a sailing sloop-of-war. 
Bienville   : 8 32-pounders, 1 30-pounder rifle    -  The Bienville was a side wheel steamship.
Augusta     : 8 32-pounders, 1 12-pounder    -  The Augusta was a steamer.
Curlew      : 6 32-pounders, 1 20-pounder rifle    -  The Curlew was a steamer.
Penguin     : 4 32-pounders, 1 12-pounder    -  The Penguim was a Passanger/cargo steamship.
R.B. Forbes : 2 32-pounders    -  The R.B. Forbes was a steamer.
Isaac Smith : 8 8-inch, 1 30-pounder rifle, originally,     the broadside battery was thrown overboard on the way down from  Hampton Roads    
                           The Isaac Smith was a steamer.

Union fleet, as officially reported, loss:   8 killed, 23 wounded   Grand Total: 31    

Union Land Forces Brig. General Thomas W. Sherman   
First Brigade Brig. General Egbert L. Viele    
8th  Me.     Colonel Lee Strickland    
3rd  N.H.    Colonel Enoch Q. Fellows    
46th N.Y.    Colonel Rudolph Rosa    
47th N.Y.    Colonel Henry Moore    
48th N.Y.    Colonel James  H. Perry     
Second Brigade Brig. General Isaac I. Stevens    
8th   Mich.   Colonel William M. Fenton    
79th  N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel William H. Nobles    
50th  Pa.     Colonel Benjamin C. Christ    
100th Pa.     Colonel Daniel Leasure     
Third Brigade Brig. General Horatio G. Wright    
6th Conn.    Colonel John L. Chatfield    
7th Conn.    Colonel Alfred H. Terry    
9th Me.      Colonel Rishworth Rich    
4th N.H.     Colonel Thomas J. Whipple     
Unattached    3rd R.I. Colonel Nathaniel W. Brown    
1st N.Y. Engineers Colonel Edward W. Serrell    
3rd U.S. E Battery Captain John Hamilton
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