Union Forces Engaged at Cold Harbor - 47th NY Voulnteer Infantry

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The Union Forces Engaged At Cold Harbor, June 1, 1864
The Union Army Lieutenant General Ulysses S. Grant
B,F,K 5th U.S. Cavalry Captain Julius W. Mason
Army Of The Potomac Major General George G. Meade
Command of the Provost Guard Brig. General Marsena R. Patrick
 C,D 1st Mass. Cavalry Captian Charles F. Adams, Jr.
 80th N.Y. Inf.    Colonel Theodore B. Gates
 3rd   Pa. Cavalry Lieut. Colonel Edward S. Jones
 68th  Pa. Inf.    Lieut. Colonel Robert E. Winslow
 114th Pa. Inf.    Colonel Charles H.T. Collis
Volunteer Engineer Brigade Brig. General Henry W. Benham
50th N.Y. Engineers Lieut. Colonel Ira Spaulding
Battalion U.S. Engineers Captain George H. Mendell
Guards and Orderlies
Oneida (N.Y.) Cavalry Captain Daniel P. Mann
Second Army Corps Major General Winfield S. Hancock
 M 1st Vt. Cavalry Captain John H. Hazelton
First Division Brig. General Francis C. Barlow
First Brigade Colonel Nelson A. Miles
26th  Mich.  Captain James H. Lothian
61st  N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel K. Oscar Broady
81st  Pa.    Captain Lawrence Mercer
140th Pa.    Captain Samuel Campbell
183rd Pa.    Captain John McCullough
2nd N.Y. Artillery Colonel Joseph N.G. Whistler
Second Brigade Colonel Richard Byrnes
28th  Mass.   Captain James Fleming
63rd  N.Y.    Captain John H. Gleason
69th  N.Y.    Major John Garrett
88th  N.Y.    Captain Dennis F. Burke
116th Pa.     Colonel St. Clair A. Mulholland; Captain Richard Moroney
Third Brigade Colonel Clinton D. McDougall
7th   N.Y. (1) Captain Henry P. Ritzius
39th  N.Y.   Major Joseph Hyde
52nd  N.Y.   Captain Henry P. Ritzius
111th N.Y.   Captain Lewis W. Husk
125th N.Y.   Colonel Levin Crandall
126th N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel William H. Baird
Fourth Brigade Colonel John R. Brooke
7th N.Y. Artillery Major Joseph M. Murphy
2nd   Del.    Major Peter McCoullough
64th  N.Y.    Captain William Glenny
66th  N.Y.    Colonel Orlando H. Morris
53rd  Pa.     Captain Henry S. Dimm
145th Pa.     Major Charles M. Lynch
148th Pa.     Colonel James A. Beaver
Second Division Brig. General John Gibbon
Provost Guard
2nd Co. Minn. Sharpshooters Captain Mahlon Black
First Brigade  Colonel Henry B. McKeen
19th Me.      Captain Joseph W. Spaulding
1st Co. Andrew (Mass.) Sharpshooters Lieut. Samuel G. Gilbreth
15th Mass.    Major I. Harris Hooper
19th Mass.    Captain Morcena Dunn
20th Mass.    Captain Henry L. Patten
7th  Mich.    Major Sylvanus W. Curtis
42nd N.Y.     Lieutenant John Maguire
59th N.Y.     Lieut. Colonel Horace P. Rugg
82nd N.Y. (1) Lieutenant Thomas Huggins
148th Pa.     Major Charles Kleckner
36th Wis.     Colonel Frank A. Haskell
Second Brigade Brig. General Joshua T. Owen
152nd N.Y.    Captain William S. Burt
69th  Pa.     Major William Davis
71st  Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Charles Kochersperger
72nd  Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Henry A. Cook
106th Pa.     Captain JOhn B. Breitenbach
Third Brigade Colonel Thomas A. Smyth
14th Conn.   Colonel Theodore G. Ellis
1st  Del.    Major William F. Smith
14th Ind.    Lieut. Colonel Elijah H.C. Cavins
12th N.J.    Captain James McComb
10th N.Y. (1) Major George F. Hopper
108th N.Y.   Captain William H. Andrews
4th  Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Leonard W. Carpenter
8th  Ohio    Major Albert H. Winslow
7th  W. Va.  Captain Issac F. Fisher
Fourth Brigade Brig. General Robert O. Tyler
155th N.Y.    Captain Michael Doran
164th N.Y.    Colonel James P. McMahon
170th N.Y.    Colonel James P. McIvor
182nd N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel Thomas M. Reid
8th N.Y. Artillery Colonel Peter A. Porter
Third Division Major General David B. Birney
First Brigade Colonel Thomas W. Egan
20th Ind.    Colonel William C.L. Taylor
3rd Me.      Colonel Moses B. Lakeman
40th N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel Augustus J. Warner
86th N.Y.    Major Michael B. Stafford
124th N.Y.   Captain Henry S. Murray
99th Pa.     Major John W. Moore
110th Pa.    Lieut. Colonel Enoch E. Lewis
141st Pa.    Colonel Henry J. Madill
2nd U.S. Sharpshooters Major Edward T. Rowell
Second Brigade Colonel thomas R. Tannatt
4th  Me.      Captain Arthur Libby
17th Me.      Lieut. Colonel charles B. Merrill
1st  Mass.    Artillery Major Nathaniel Shatswell
3rd  Mich.    Colonel Byron R. Pierce
5th  Mich.    Lieut. Colonel Moses B. Houghton
93rd N.Y.     Lieut. Colonel Benjamin C. Butler
57th Pa.      Captain Alanson H. Nelson
63rd Pa.      Captain Issac Morehead
105th Pa.     Major Levi B. Duff
1st U.S. Sharpshooters Captain John Wilson
Third Brigade Brig. General Gershom Mott
 16th Mass.   Major Samuel W. Richardson
 5th  N.J.    Captain Hery H. Woolsey
 6th  N.J.    Captain Joseph Hays
 7th  N.J.    Major Frederick Cooper
 8th  N.J.    Major Virgil M. Healy
 11th N.J.    Colonel robert McAllister
 115th Pa.    Lieut. Colonel John P. Dunne
Fourth Brigade Colonel William R. Brewster
 11th Mass.    Lieut. Colonel Porter D. Tripp
 70th N.Y.     Captain William H. Hugo
 71st N.Y.     Lieut. Colonel Thomas Rafferty
 73rd N.Y.     Lieut. Colonel Michael W. Burns
 72nd N.Y. (3 co's)    Lieut. Colonel John R. Tappen
 74th N.Y.     Colonel Thomas Holt
 120th N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel John R. Tappen
 84th Pa.      Captain John R. Ross
 1st Me. Artillery Colonel Daniel Chaplin
Artillery Brigade Colonel John C. Tidball
 6th Me.          Captain Edwin B. Dow
 10th Mass.       CAptain J. Henry Sleeper
 1st N.H.         Captain Frederick M. Edgell
 2nd N.J.         Captain A. Judson Clark
 G 1st N.Y.       Captain Nelson Ames
 4th N.Y. Heavy   Lieut. Colonel Thomas R. Allcock
 11th N.Y.        Captain John E. Burton
 12th N.Y.        Captain George F. McKnight
 F 1st Pa.        CAptain R. Bruce Ricketts
 A 1st R.I.       Captain William A. Arnold
 B 1st R.I.       CAptain T. Fred Brown
 K 4th U.S.       Lieutenant John W. Roder
 C,I 5th U.S.     Lieutenant William C. Beck
Fifth Army Corps Major General Gouverneur K. Warren
Provost Guard
 12 N.Y. (1) Major Henry W. Rider
First Division Brig. General Charles Griffin
First Brigade Brig. General Romeyn B. Ayres
 140th N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Elwell S. Otis
 146th N.Y.   Major James Grindlay
 91st  Pa.    Major John D. Lentz
 155th Pa.    Major John Ewing
 2nd   U.S. (6 co's) Lieutenant George H. McLaughlin
 11th  U.S. (6 co's) Captain Francis M. Cooley
 12th  U.S. (10 co's) CAptain Frederick Winthrop
1st Battalion 14th U.S. CAptain David B. McKibbin
 17th  U.S. (8 co's) CAptain Walter B. Pease
Second Brigade Colonel Jacob B. Switzer
 9th Mass.     Lieut. Colonel Patrick T. Hanley
 22nd Mass.(4) Colonel William S. Tilton
 32nd Mass.    Colonel George S. Prescott
 4th Mich.     Captain David D. Marshall
 62nd Pa.      Captain William P. Maclay
Third Brigade Brig. General Joseph J. Bartlett
 20th Me.     Major Ellis Spear
 18th Mass.   Major Thomas Weston
 29th Mass.   Colonel Ebenezer W. Pierce
 1st Mich.    Lieut. Colonel William A. throop
 16th Mich.(5) Captain George H.Swan
 44th N.Y.     Captain Campbell Allen
 83rd Pa.      Lieut. Colonel De Witt C. McCoy
 118th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Charles P. Herring
Second Division Brig. General Henry H. Lockwood
First Brigade Colonel Peter Lyle
 16th  Me.    Colonel Charles W. Tilden
 13th  Mass.  Colonel Samuel H. Leonard
 39th  Mass.  Colonel Phineas S. Davis
 94th  N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Samuel A. Moffett
 104th N.Y.   Colonel Gilbert G. Prey
 90th  Pa     Captain William P. Davis
 107th Pa.    Colonel Thomas F. McCoy
Second Brigade Colonel James L. Bates
 12th Mass.    Major Benjamin F. Cook
 83rd N.Y.     Lieut. Colonel William Chalmers
 97th N.Y.     Captain Delos E. Hall
 11th Pa.      Captain Benjamin F. Haines
 88th Pa.      Captain George B. Rhoads
Third Brigade Colonel Nathan T. Dushane
 1st Md.      Lieut. Colonel John W. Wilson
 4th Md.      Colonel Richard N. Bowerman
 7th Md.      Major Edward M. Mobley
 8th Md.      Lieut. Colonel John g. Johannes
 Purnell (Md.) Legion Colonel Samuel A. Graham
Third Division Brig. General Samuel W. Crawford
Veteran Reserve Brigade Major William R. Hartshorne
 190th Pa.
 191st Pa.
Independent Brigade Colonel J. Howard Kitching
6th N.Y. Artillery Major Absalom Crookston
1,3 15th N.Y. Artillery Colonel Louis Schirmer
Fourth Division Brig. General Lysander Cutler
Provost Guard
2nd Wis.      Captain George H. Otis
First Brigade Colonel William W. robinson
7th Ind.     Lieut. Colonel William C. Banta
19th Ind.    Major John M. Lindley
24th Mich.   Lieut. Colonel William W. Wight
1st Battalion N.Y. Sharpshooters Captain Alfred Parry
6th Wis.     Lieut. Colonel Rufus R. Dawes
7th Wis.     Lieut. Colonel Mark Finnicum
Second Brigade Colonel J. William Hoffman
3rd Del.       Lieut. Colonel William B. Dorrell
46th N.Y.      Lieut. Colonel George W. Travers
76th N.Y.      CAptain James L. Goddard
95th N.Y.      Major Robert W. Baird
147th N.Y.     Lieut. Colonel George Harney
56th Pa.       Major John T. Jack
Third Brigade Colonel Edward S. Bragg
 121st Pa.    Captain Samuel T. Lloyd
 142nd Pa.    Major Horatio N. Warren
 143rd Pa.    Major James Glenn
 149th Pa.    Lieut. Colonel John Irvin
 150th Pa.    Major George W. Jones
Artillery Brigade Colonel Charles S. Wainwright
 3rd Mass.        Lieutenant Aaron F. Walcott
 5th Mass.        Captain Charles A. Phillips
 9th Mass.        Captain John Bigelow
 B 1st N.Y.       Captain Albert S. Sheldon
 C 1st N.Y.       Captain Almont Barnes
 D 1st N.Y.       Lieutenant Lester I. Richardson
 E,L 1st N.Y.     Lieutenant George Breck
 H 1st N.Y.       Captain Charles E. Mink
 15th N.Y.        Captain Patrick Hart
 B 1st Pa.        Captain James H. Cooper
 B 4th U.S.       Lieutenant James Stewart
 D 5th U.S.       Lieutenant Benjamin F. Rittenhouse
Sixth Army Corps Major General Horatio G. Wright
 A 8th Pa. Cavalry Captain Charles E. Fellows
First Division Brig. General David A. Russell
First Brigade Colonel William H. Penrose
 1st  N.J.   Lieut. Colonel William Henry, Jr.
 2nd  N.J.   Colonel Samuel L. Buck
 3rd  N.J.    Colonel Henry W. Brown
 4th  N.J.    Captain Samuel M. Gaul
 10th N.J.    Lieut. Colonel Charles H. Tay
 15th N.J.    Lieut. Colonel Edward L. Campbell
Second Brigade Colonel Emory Upton
 5th   Me.     Colonel Clark S. Edwards
 121st N.Y.    Major Henry M. Galpin
 95th  Pa.     Captain John G.C. Macfarlan
 96th  Pa.     Lieut. Colonel William H. Lessig
 2nd Conn. Artillery Colonel Elisha S. Kellogg
Third Brigade Brig. General Henry L. Eustis
6th   Me.    Captain Theodore Lincoln, Jr.
49th  Pa.    Major Baynton J. Hickman
119th Pa.    Lieut. Colonel Gideon Clark
5th   Wis.   Lieut. Colonel Theodore B. Catlin
Fourth Brigade Colonel Nelson Cross
65th  N.Y.    Colonel Joseph B. Hamblin
67th  N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel Henry L. Van Ness
122nd N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel Augustus D. Dwight
23rd Pa.      Colonel John F. Glenn
82nd  Pa.     Colonel Issac C. Bassett
Second Division Brig. General Thomas H. Neil
First Brigade Brig. General Frank Wheaton
62nd N.Y.    Colonel David J. Nevin
93rd Pa.     Lieut. Colonel John S. Long
98th Pa.      Colonel John F. Ballier
102nd Pa.    Lieut. Colonel William McIlwaine
139th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel William H. Moody
Second Brigade Colonel Lewis A. Grant
2nd Vt.       Major Amasa S. Tracy
3rd Vt.       Colonel Thomas O. Seaver
4th Vt.       Lieut. Colonel Stephen M. Pingree
5th Vt.       Colonel John R. Lewis
6th Vt.       Lieut. Colonel Oscar A. Hale
11th Vt. Heavy Artillery Colonel James M. Warner
Third Brigade Colonel Daniel D. Bidwell
7th  Me.     Captain John W. Channing
43rd N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel James D. Visscher
49th N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel George W. Johnson
77th N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel Winsor B. French
61st Pa.     Captian Lewis Redenbach
Fourth Brigade colonel Oliver Edwards
7th  Mass.    Colonel Thomas D. Johns
10th Mass.    Lieut. Colonel Joseph B. Parsons
37th Mass.    Lieut. Colonel George L. Montague
2nd  R.I.         Major Henry C. Jenckes
Third Division Brig. General James B. Ricketts
First Brigade Colonel William S. Truex
14th  N.J.   Lieut. Colonel Caldwell K. Hall
106th N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Charles Townsend
151st N.Y.   Colonel William Emerson
87th  Pa.    Colonel John W. Schall
10th  Vt.    Colonel William H. Henry
Second Brigade Colonel Benjamin F. Smith
6th Md.       Colonel John W. Horn
110th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Otho H. Binkley
122nd Ohio    Colonel William H. Ball
126th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel Aaron W. Ebright
67th  Pa.     Colonel John F. Staunton
138th Pa.     Colonel Matthew R. McClennan
1,3 Battalions 9th N.Y. ArtilleryLieut. Colonel Edward P. Taft
Artillery Brigade Colonel Charles H. Tompkins
4th Me.    Lieutenant Charles W. White
5th Me.    CAptain Greenleaf T. Stevens
1st Mass.  Captain William H. McCartney
1st N.J.   Captain William Hexamer
1st N.Y    Captain Andrew Cowan
3rd N.Y.   Captain William A. Harn
2nd Battalion 9th N.Y. Heavy Major James W. Snider
H 1st Ohio Captain Stephen W. Dorsey
C 1st R.I. Captain Richard Waterman
E 1st R.I. Captain William B. Rhodes
G 1st R.I. Captain George W. Adams
E 5th U.S. Lieutenant John R. Brinckle
M 5th U.S. Captain James McKnight
Ninth Army Corps Major General Ambrose E. Burnside
Provost Guard
8th U.S. Captain Milton Cogswell
First Division Major General Thomas L. Crittenden
First Brigade Brig. General James H. Ledlie
56th Mass.   Colonel Stephen M. Weld, Jr.
57th Mass.   Colonel William E. Bartlett
59th Mass.   Lieut. Colonel John Hodges, Jr.
4th  U.S.    Captain Avery B. Cain
10th U.S.    Lieutenant Jesse A.P. Hampson
Second Brigade Colonel Joseph M. Sudsburg
3rd   Md.     Lieut. Colonel Gilbert P. Robinson
21st  Mass.   Lieut. Colonel George P. Hawkes
100th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Matthew M. Dawson
Provisional Brigade Colonel Elisha G. Marshall
2nd N.Y. Mounted Rifles (2) Colonel John Fisk
14th N.Y. Artillery Major William H. Reynolds
24th N.Y. Cavalry (2) Colonel William C. Raulston
2nd Pa. Provisional Artillery Colonel Thomas Wilhelm
Acting Engineers 35th Mass. Captain Edward G. Park
2nd  Me.      Captain Albert F. Thomas
14th Mass.    Captain Joseph W.B. Wright
Second Division Brig. General Robert B. Potter
First Brigade Colonel John I. Curtin
36th Mass.   Lieut. Colonel Arthur A. Goodell
58th Mass.   Lieut. Colonel John C. Whiton
45th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Francis M. Hills
48th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Henry Pleasants
7th  R.I.    Captain Percy Daniels
Second Brigade Colonel Simon G. Griffin
2nd Md.
31st Me.      Lieut. Colonel Thomas Hight
32nd Me.      Lieut. Colonel John M. Brown
6th  N.H.     Major Phineas P. Bixby
9th  N.H.     Captain Andrew J. Hough
11th N.H.     Captain Hollis O. Dudley
17th Vt.      Lieut. Colonel Charles Cummings
Acting Engineers
51st N.Y.    Captain George W. Whitman
Artillery     Captain Edward W. Rogers
11th Mass.   Captain Edward J. Jones
19th N.Y.    Captain Edward W. Rogers
Third Division Brig. General Orlando B. Wilcox
First Brigade Colonel John F. Hartranft
2nd   Mich.  Colonel William Humphrey
8th   Mich.  Lieut. Colonel Ralph Ely
27th  Mich.  Colonel Dorus M. Fox
Sharpshooters (1st & 2nd co's) Colonel Dorus M. Fox
109th N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Issac S. Catlin
51st  Pa.    Lieut. Colonel Edwin Schall
Second Brigade Colonel Benjamin C. Christ
1st Mich. Sharpshooters Captain Levant C. Rhines
20th Mich.   Lieut. Colonel Byron M. Cutcheon
60th Ohio    Lieut. Colonel James N. McElroy
Sharpshooters (9th & 10th Co's) Lieut. Colonel James N. McElroy
Ohio Sharpshooters (9th & 10th co's) Lieut. Colonel James N. McElroy
50th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Edward Overton, Jr.
Acting Engineers
17th Mich.   Colonel Constant Luce
7th Me.     Captain Adelbert B. Twitchell
34th N.Y.   Captain Jacob Roemer
Fourth Division Brig. General Edward Ferrero
First Brigade Colonel Joshua K. Sigfried
27th U.S.(6) Lieut. Colonel Charles J. Wright
30th U.S.(6) Colonel Delavan Bates
39th U.S.(6) Colonel Ozora P. Stearns
43rd U.S.(6) Lieut. Colonel H. Seymour Hall
Second Brigade Colonel Henry G. Thomas
19th U.S.(6)  Lieut. Colonel Joseph Perkins
23rd U.S.(6)  Lieut. Colonel Cleveland J. Campbell
31st U.S.(6)  Major Theodore H. Rockwood
D   Pa.       Captain George W. Durell
3rd Vt.       Captain Romero H. Start
Reserve Artillery Captain John Edwards, Jr.
27th N.Y.     Captain John B. Eaton
1st R.I.    Captain William W. Buckley
H 1st R.I.    Captain Crawford Allen, Jr.
E 2nd U.S.    Lieut. Samuel B. McIntire
Cavalry Corps Major General Philip H. Sheridan
6th U.S.    Captain Ira W. Claflin
First Division Brig. General Alfred T.A. Torbert
First Brigade Brig. General George A. Custer
1st Mich. Lieut. Colonel Peter Stagg
5th Mich. Colonel Russell A. Alger
6th Mich. Major James H. Kidd
7th Mich. Major Alexander Walker
Second Brigade Colonel Thomas C. Devin
4th N.Y.      Lieut. Colonel Willian R. Parnell
6th N.Y.      Lieut. Colonel William H. Crocker
9th N.Y.      Lieut. Colonel George S. Nichols
17th Pa.      Lieut. Colonel James Q. Anderson
Reserve Brigade Brig. General Wesley Merritt
19th N.Y.      Colonel Alfred Gibbs
6th Pa.        Major William P.C. Treichel
1st U.S.       Captain Nelson B. Sweitzer
2nd U.S.       Captain Theophilus F. Rodenbough
5th U.S.       Captain Abraham K. Arnold
Second Division Brig. General David McM. Gregg
First Brigade Brig. General Henry E. Davies, Jr.
1st Mass.    Lieut. Colonel Samuel E. Chamberlain
1st N.J.     Lieut. Colonel John W. Kester
10th N.Y.    Major M. Henry Avery
6th Ohio     Colonel William Stedman
1st Pa.      Colonel John P. Taylor
Second Brigade Colonel J. Irvin Gregg
1st  Me.      Colonel Charles H. Smith
2nd  Pa.      Lieut. Colonel Joseph P. Brinton
4th  Pa.      Lieut. Colonel George H. Covode
8th  Pa.      Colonel Pennock Huey
13th Pa.      Major Michael Kerwin
16th Pa.      Lieut. Colonel John K. Robison
Third Division Brig. General James H. Wilson
8th Ill.(1)  Lieut. William W. Long
First Brigade Colonel John B. McIntosh
1st Conn.    Major George O. Marcy
3rd N.J.     Colonel Andrew J. Morrison
2nd N.Y.     Colonel Otto Harhaus
5th N.Y.     Lieut. Colonel John Hammond
2nd Ohio     Lieut. Colonel George A. Purington
18th Pa.     Major John W. Phillips
Second Brigade Colonel George H. Chapman
3rd Ind.      Major William Patton
8th N.Y.      Major Edmund M. Pope
1st Vt.       Major William Wells
Horse Artillery
First Brigade Captain James M. Robertson
6th N.Y.     Captain Joseph W. Martin
B,L 2nd U.S. Lieutenant Edward Heaton
D 2nd U.S.   Lieutenant Edward B. Williston
M 2nd U.S.   Lieutenant Carle A. Woodruff
A 4th U.S.   Lieutenant Rufus King, Jr.
C,E 4th U.S. Lieutenant Charles L. Fitzhugh
Second Brigade Captain Dunbar R. Ransom
E,G 1st U.S.  Frank S. French
H,I 1st U.S.  Captain Alanson M. Randol
K 1st U.S.    Lieutenant John Egan
A 2nd U.S.    Lieutenat Robert Clarke
G 2nd U.S.    Lieutenant William N. Dennison
C,F,K 3rd U.S. Lieutenant George F. Barstow
Artillery Brig. General Henry J. Hunt
Artillery Park Lieut. Colonel Freeman McGilvery
15th N.Y. Heavy Major Julius Dieckmann
Eighteenth Army Corps Major General William F. Smith
First Division Brig. General William T.H. Brooks
First Brigade Brig. General Gilman Marston
81st N.Y.    Colonel Jacob J. De Forest
95th N.Y.    Colonel Edgar M. Cullen
98th N.Y.    Colonel Frederick F. Wead
139th N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel Edgar Perry
Second Brigade Brig. General Hiram Burnham
8th Conn.     Captain Charles M. Coit
10th N.H.     Lieut. Colonel John Coughlin
13th N.H.     Colonel Aaron F. Stevens
118th N.Y.    Captain Levi S. Dominy
Third Brigade Colonel Guy V. Henry
21st Conn.   Lieut. Colonel Thomas F. Burpee
40th Mass.   Lieut. Colonel George E. Marshall
92nd N.Y.    Lieut. Colonel Hiram Anderson, Jr.
58th Pa.     Lieut. Colonel Montgomery Martin
188th Pa.    Lieut. Colonel George K. Bowen
Second Division Brig. General John H. Martindale
First Brigade Brig. General George J. Stannard
23rd Mass.   Colonel Andrew Elwell
25th Mass.   Captain Francis E. Goodwin
27th Mass.   Major William A. Walker
9th  N.J.    Captain Augustus Thompson
89th N.Y.    Colonel H.S. Fairchild
55th Pa.     Captain George H. Hill
Second Brigade Colonel Griffin A. Stedman
11th Conn.   Lieut. Colonel William C. Moegling
8th  Me.     Major William M. McArthur
2nd N.H.     Colonel Edward L. Bailey
12th N.H.    Major John F. Langley
148th N.Y.   Colonel George M. Guion
Third Division Brig. General Charles Devens, Jr.
First Brigade Colonel William B. Barton
47th N.Y.   Lieut. Colonel C.R. McDonald
48th N.Y.    Lieut. ColonelD.W. Strickland
115th N.Y.   Major Ezra L. Walrath
76th Pa.     Colonel John C. Campbell
Second Brigade Colonel Jeremiah C. Drake
13th  Ind.    Colonel Cyrus J. Dobbs
9th   Me.     Captain Robert J. Gray
112th N.Y.    Captain J.S. Mathews
169th N.Y.    Colonel John McConihe
Third Brigade Brig. General Adelbert Ames
4th N.H.     Colonel Louis Bell
3rd N.Y.     Colonel Samuel M. Alford
117th N.Y.   Colonel Alvin White
142nd N.Y.   Colonel N. Martin Curtis
97th Pa.     Colonel Henry R. Guss
Artillery Brigade Captain Samuel elder
B 1st U.S.       Captain S.S. Elder
L 4th U.S.       Lieutenant Henry B. Beecher
A 5th U.S.       Lieutenant James E. Wilson

Union losses in the campaign(6/1-6/12):
(Does not include Army of the James losses)
                             killed      wounded       captured       total
Engineers                                                   3                                           3
2nd Army Corps               494            2,442                   574           3,510
Fifth Army Corps              149               749                   442           1,340
Sixth Army Corps             483            2,064                   168            2,715
Ninth Army Corps            219            1,126                   356            1,701
Eighteenth Army Corps   448            2,365                   206            3,019
Cavalry Corps                      51               328                     70               449
The strength of the Army of the Potomac forces on June 1st was 103,875
"present for duty". The Eighteenth Corps added an additional 10,000 of
which 2,500 were detached to guard the "White House" landing.
Eighteenth Army Corps was temporarily attached to the
Army of the Potomac from the Army of the James.

Parenthetical one (1) denotes a battalion strength unit.
Parenthetical two (2) denotes a dismounted cavalry unit.
Parenthetical three (3) denotes a section strength unit.
Parenthetical four (4) denotes 2nd Company Sharpshooters attached.
Parenthetical five (5) denotes Brady's Company Sharpshooters attached.
Parenthetical six (6) denotes U.S. Colored Troops.

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